The joys of summer

Nothing that will set the world on fire, but I thought the colours in this salad just looked too lovely not to photograph. I figured that forcing myself to eat the aforementioned garlicky carrot salad for several days in a row, despite not enjoying it at all, was not a very nice prospect and something that Epicurus would have been ashamed of (not to mention that the sheer power of the garlic in it was positively antisocial). So I am sad to say I threw it out (unusual, as I try never to throw any food away, and am normally successful), and made this instead. A good idea. It's just red, yellow and orange peppers roasted until black and skinned, then sliced and mixed with chickpeas, couscous, fresh basil and a handful of pumpkin seeds, and then some feta. Simple, but one of the most delicious things I have had in a while, and also nicely summery. 
I forget how much I love fresh basil until I buy a plant of it. I am normally more of a coriander person, but the smell of a fresh basil plant is enough to make me change my mind. It works really well with the peppers and feta. I think fresh oregano would work well too, which is lucky because we have ridiculous amounts of it growing in our herb garden at home. This summer I intend to make large quantities of home-made go with my home-made pasta. I am already planning my herb collection for my room at university next year.

Well, my Finals are over...I need something trivial to think about. 

Not that fresh herbs are trivial, of course.