Food for when the sun comes out

Predominantly green, with a splash of colour. That seems to be a good rule for food that is still appetising even in the freak heatwave we are blessed with at the moment. I find myself deciding what to eat by choosing what is most colourful at the market stall (I am a big fan of these little tomatoes, I think they're called Santa, which are not round like a cherry tomato but oblong, and come in yellow and red), adding a lot of herbs, some sort of carbohydrate (couscous is my favourite), maybe some milky cheese (feta or mozzarella): lunch. 
We have a field of fresh oregano growing in our herb garden, a huge basil plant on the shelf and a big bunch of coriander that I bought. Combined, they make a lovely salad, like this one I made earlier:

It's just cooked lentils, tossed while warm with sliced chicory, grilled yellow peppers, torn oregano leaves, halved cherry tomatoes, little balls of mozzarella (torn in half), pumpkin seeds, and a dressing - a bunch of coriander, a handful of basil, the juice of a lime, a garlic clove and some olive oil blitzed in a blender. Sounds an odd combination, but I was surprised to find it works rather well - filling, flavoursome and summery. I think it would also work well with cannellini or butter beans.