Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The best bread in the world?

I made this black pepper rye bread today. I am truly convinced that it is the best bread I have ever eaten. It has everything I look for in a good loaf (yes, I do have a set of required qualities for a good loaf - I am that obsessed with carbohydrates): a chewy crust, the crunch of seeds, dense and doughy in the middle, and dark and nutty. It is yet another recipe from Dan Lepard, and I think the rest of my life will be greatly improved due to the fact that I decided to try it out. I had it, as he recommends, with cream cheese and smoked salmon. A perfect combination. It is also good with the smoked mackerel pâté I made a few weeks back, and, for that matter, with chicken pâté. So delicious and so perfectly textured...I cannot even begin to describe. BAKE IT, dear readers.

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  1. I have just looked up the recipe, having been intrigued by your post, and am even more intrigued by the ingredients. Does it taste of coffee? I think I may have to give this a go out of sheer curiosity!

  2. No, you can't detect any coffee flavour whatsoever! I too was intrigued which is why I made it, but it really is an utterly gorgeous bread and doesn't taste in any way strange...just moist, delicious and wonderful!


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