Food Glorious Food

Hello avid readers. This is just a quick note to say that I'll be appearing in tonight's episode of Food Glorious Food, on ITV at 8pm. Tune in to see how my rhubarb and ginger crumble cheesecake fared with the show's formidable judges. If you miss it, fear not, you can catch up on itv player. And if you still miss it, then don't worry too much - the show has been widely slated by pretty much everyone who matters and is generally acknowledged to be a bit of a flop, so you're probably not going to have a giant hole in your life if you fail to watch. I'm also fairly certain I said some awkwardly embarrassing things and have been typecast as a horrifically middle class food snob, so maybe it's best that you don't watch (yes, I know I am a horrifically middle class food snob, but I try to pretend I'm not).

I'd be interested, however, if you do watch it, to see if you agree that Carol Vorderman (the show's presenter) and I look identical. I'm not so convinced, but perhaps this photo, taken during filming, will let you judge for yourselves:

So, if you like food, bunting, Carol Vorderman and home cooks making fools out of themselves and being lacerated by WI judges in cardigans, and want to see me possibly cycling around York with a baguette in my bike basket, tune into Food Glorious Food tonight at 8pm on itv.

A final note: if you don't watch the show, the accompanying cookbook is actually quite good. My cheesecake recipe is in it, which is reason enough to buy it. Even if they did misspell my name in giant letters.