Monday, 29 November 2010

Black risotto with scallops and lemon

There's something pleasing about the contrast of colours in this dish. It helps if you get scallops with the lovely coral roe attached (not only do they look beautiful, the roe tastes good as well). Yellow lemon zest, bright green parsley, and fleshy orange discs against the charcoal of the risotto make a satisfying ensemble. The risotto is just a basic recipe, using finely diced celery along with the onion, and fish stock and lemon juice instead of chicken. Squid ink gives it its dramatic colour, and makes for a much more interesting dinner than your average risotto. Just pan-fry some nice scallops in lots of butter, and sit them atop the mound of rice. It's comforting enough to be a good dish for when you find yourself in Oxford when it's minus five degrees, but zesty and lemony enough not to cloy, which scallops sometimes can.
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