Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Another birthday cake

This is one of the most delicious chocolate cakes I have ever eaten. I don't feel too cocky for saying this, because it's not really down to any skill of mine - I think the goodness is the result of an entire block of butter, four bars of chocolate, 300g of sugar and five eggs all mixed together. In an enormous bowl that I had to buy the other day because I realise I only have one mixing bowl. I felt a little like a witch stirring some nefarious brew, watching the egg whites dissolve seamlessly into the thick, treacle-like blackness.

The outside goes chewy and crispy in the oven while the inside stays molten and fondant-esque, and the end result is bordering on the sinful. Again, I've decorated it with strawberries, because I think their red and green looks beautiful against the black cake. I dipped them in white and plain chocolate, just in case there wasn't enough chocolate in the cake for anyone's liking. A drizzle of more chocolate, and voila. Chocolate heaven.

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  1. This cake really is fantastic, so rich it's like heaven in your mouth. Elly made me one for a friends birthday. It went down very well.


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