Monday, 31 May 2010

Spot the difference

Anyone who has ever exchanged pleasantries with me will probably know that I'm a member of the Oxford University Royal Naval Unit. They will also probably know that so is my boyfriend. It was his birthday on Thursday, and given the lack of meaning in my life since Finals, I decided the obvious thing to do was to spend two whole days making cakes. This masterpiece was devoured by the rest of the Unit on Thursday night. I am rather proud of it.
It consists of two vanilla sponge traybakes, sliced in half horizontally and filled with jam. I left one whole for the base of the ship, cut a point out of the other for the bow, and then cut squares out of the other for the lower bridge and the flying bridge and put them on top of each other. I then covered the whole thing in roll-out baby blue icing which I procured from the Cake Shop in the Covered Market (at vast expense...but it looked so much nicer than plain white). I then used a black icing pen to draw on the windows and doors etc. They're really clever - I think they're just food colouring and sugar but in a biro-like pen, meaning you can write on cakes without it being messy as it would be if you used liquid icing. The lifebelts are polos, the ropes are liquorice and the fenders on the end of the ropes are ginger cream sweets that I bought from the Sweet Shop on the High Street. Overall I think it looked quite good.

Thanks to my mother, for inspiring me through twenty-one years of baking amazingly creative cakes for my birthday. (Highlights include the Egyptian pyramid, the 3D snail (with a long strip of cake rolled up into the shell), the magic carpet like in Aladdin, the 3D treasure chest overflowing with sweets for the treasure...) She has bought me cakes from the Cake Shop since I left for university, and although delicious, they're no match for home-made delights.
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