Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday morning pancakes

I've discovered another use for the blowtorch. Or rather, Jon discovered it after I, for no apparent reason, decided to scorch a bit of the pancake that was cooking. You can write on them! I think that the above smiley pancake looks a bit like an amiable version of the nightmare before Christmas. Or possibly the man in the moon. His eyes are a bit too far apart. Slightly scary.

For brunch this morning (my favourite meal, largely because it often involves three of my favourite things: fruit, eggs and bread) we had pancakes with bacon, pancakes with smoked salmon and dill, and pancakes with lemon and sugar and with rhubarb. My mum bought me a non-stick frying pan (it's taken me two years to acquire one, I don't know how) over easter and I feel it has been well and truly broken in now. In case anyone wants to know how to flip a pancake, here is my rather inept attempt involving a lot of nervous giggling and pathetic pan-shuffling:


In order to feel a little less gluttonous and vaguely healthy, we also had a banana, kiwi, orange and forest fruit smoothie (made with another item from my "frivolous kitchen gadget" collection - the smoothie maker). You can see just how eager I was to drink it from the fact that I couldn't even wait for the photo to be taken before moving my face towards it.

I think the picture looks a bit like an advert for some sort of detox plan. Obviously the pancakes would not have been part of said detox plan...I am still full four hours later.

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