Saturday, 10 April 2010

Easter delights

So I know it's not exactly haute cuisine, but it is quite fun and I thought deserved a picture. After my boyfriend gave me a Disney easter egg (which made my day - it came with a mug and everything) I figured he should have a present too. Obviously my presents to people are pretty much always edible, so I thought a vast cake would do the trick. The sponge is coffee and the icing is chocolate.
And those little chicks...I think they would have to be one of the defining symbols of my childhood. Around easter, my mum and I would always bake little chocolate cornflake nests or little easter cupcakes, and we always seemed to have a plentiful supply of the little things. So naturally, when traipsing round town to find them for this, they were nowhere to be seen. Eventually I tracked some down in Paperchase, and the sight of their little beady eyes actually made my day.
It was pointed out to me when I gave him the cake that the "mummy chick", as I called her, should not really be a chick but a hen. However, in this modern world of teenage pregnancies and the like, you never know...

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  1. I can confirm that the cake is awesome...


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